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 Metallic Yarn

Metallized Yarns (are also called Fils Guipe, Kasab, Badla, Gazab yarns, Jari & Zari) are manufactured with a polyester film aluminum Metallized under vacuum and then colour coated with resin by using high techniques. The protective coating improves the luster and brightness of the yarn and guarantees inalterability in time.
Standard thickness of the polyester film is 12 micron. However, other thickness such as 24, 36 & 75 microns can be supplied on request with a minimum order to be specified. Universal standard widths are 1/110” (0.22mm) and 1/69” (0.37mm).
Metallic yarns are available in the shades shown in the Colour Room. In particular cases, and for quantities to be specified, special colours can be supplied on request. Our range of product includes non-resistant and resistant yarns to dyeing and finishing procedures.
Metallic yarns find their application in most textile domains such as: knitting, weaving, Packaging Industry, yarn spinning, hosiery, embroidery and as a component in textile accessories, which includes military regalia, twisting, cords, ropes, braids, knitting, trimmings, leavers lace surface and inner gimp decoration.
Raw Material:
In house Film lacquering plant to cater Quality Lacquered Coated Polyester Film
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