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 Lacquered Film

Vardhman lacquered films are used for producing wide range of metallic yarn which further goes in weaving, knitting, embroidery threads those films has excellent productivity during micro slitting as we used pinhole free metallizing.  
No. Products Thickness Application
01. Metallized Polyester Coated on both sides with heat resistance D. G. lacquered 12, 24, 50, 150 Yarn, Decorative, Sequence
02. Metallized polyester coated on one side, other side plain 12 Lamination
03. Metallized polyester high slip coated on both sides 24 Glitter Powder
04. Metallized polyester release coated on one side 12, 15 Stamping foil
05. Metallized Polyester coated on both side 50 Hot melt used in textile
06. Plain polyester film matt coated on one side or both side 36, 50, 75, 100 Tracing & drafting, Inkjet film, OHP film
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